DQ Consumer Marketing Update

It’s hard to believe we are nearly halfway through FY23-24 and well into the new business plan, delivering both destination marketing and management initiatives.

From a consumer marketing and media perspective we continue to focus our investment on the Australian and domestic markets to drive visitation from high contributing visitors over the upcoming summer and autumn period. 

The forward outlook shows strong demand for Queenstown over summer and our activity has expanded to not only invite visitors and educate them on all the great things to do, but also on how to tread lightly while in the region, stay longer, do more, get involved with our community and give back.

DQ’s always-on digital activity is showcasing the range of activity segments and experiences on offer across our region (such as hiking, biking, golf, family activities and F&B) through the summer season also targeting both domestic and Australian markets.

The ‘Our People, Our Home’ campaign has been performing well, giving visitors a deeper insight to our community and helping to understand our local values and showcasing the ‘real’ Queenstown. The SUCfree (single-use cup free) activity launched on 1 November and will remain live through summer. This campaign has seen pleasing engagement so far and supports local cafés and retailers striving to provide waste free alternatives to takeaway cups.

As we look ahead to the next quarter, we’ll be starting work on a small refresh of the current brand and creating a new 30 and 60 second hero brand video. We’ll also continue to focus on driving length of stay with some new slow travel itineraries and new ‘pocket guides’ for our key segments leveraging local faces and personalities and their recommendations for exploring the region.

All the best for a strong summer season ahead.

Ngā Mihi

Sarah O'Donnell
Marketing and Communications Director, Destination Queenstown

Digital and Social Always-On Activity
DQ’s always-on digital and social marketing activity means Queenstown has a destination presence in both the domestic and Australian markets year-round to support sustainable demand. Activity for spring and summer harnesses existing travel motivations and promotes consumer segment interests including hiking, biking, hiking, golf, food and drink, and family. Digital marketing activity has evolved to align with the new consumer marketing model and is designed to shape visitor demand by sharing stories of our people, place and experiences to target experiences to target values-aligned visitors - this means attracting people who care for our environment, want to stay longer, forge connections with our community and give back to our place.

Year to date (1 July – 30 Nov 2023):

  • Over 1million website visits to QueenstownNZ.co.nz
  • Over 256k member referrals (clicks from QueenstownNZ.co.nz to operator websites)
  • Conversion rate of 24.2%

Our People Our Home - Series 2
DQ’s second series of Our People, Our Home launched in September and will be live until the end of December within our always-on digital activity. The series introduces visitors to some of the passionate locals who make up the fabric of Queenstown’s vibrant community.

By celebrating our people, our place and our community spirit, we’re setting out to showcase why Queenstown is so special and why it’s a great place to visit – and look after. The supporting written content highlights three local personalities and dives deeper into their story, their values and their love of place.  You can view them below:

SUCFree Social Activity
Destination Queenstown and Lake Wānaka Tourism are proudly raising awareness of the ‘SUCfree movement’, encouraging a simple behaviour change in visitors travelling to the region throughout summer. 

Our new social media campaign, launched on 1 November, profiles three local SUCfree cafés and other venues offering mug libraries and loan cup schemes, reminding visitors to ‘Sit, BYO or Borrow’. Digital screens at Queenstown Airport will also share our SUCfree aspiration as visitors arrive in the region. View the videos and blog content here.

Content Partnerships

DQ is partnering with media company We Are Explorers on a series of activity promoting Queenstown in the Australian market, including a database lead generation destination giveaway, editorial content and the promotion of a new regenerative tourism case study series launching in 2024.

A multi-page feature covering the backcountry Coronet Loop Trail will be published in the summer edition of NZ Cycling Journal targeting the domestic biking market. Editor Liam Friary’s recount shares the history of the area, the trail and the stories told during his guided ride with Mark (Willy) Williams.

DQ is partnering with media company NZ Guide to produce a three-part content series targeting the domestic market, which will be released across NZ Guide channels over summer. Content consists of top things to do and longer stay itineraries with a regenerative tourism angle.

The weekly Dirt Report video series will be returning for another year, kicking off in summer 2024. Content will showcase the region's best riding locations, bike parks, trail updates and upcoming events.

DQ’s Direct-to-Consumer EDM Platform

DQ’s direct-to-consumer email strategy is focused on building first party relationships with our domestic, Australian and long-haul audiences. Content is to tailored to align to specific subscriber interests via a storytelling approach highlighting our people, place and experiences. EDM themes scheduled for summer include golf, walking and hiking, biking and family themed email content.

Growing our first party data and building personalised, direct relationships with potential visitors is a key focus for FY23-24. A refreshed EDM subscription campaign will roll out over summer alongside a range of partnerships focused on lead generation with aligned audiences.

'What's On' Event Marketing Campaign
DQ’s digital event marketing activity will continue throughout summer promoting a range of events from multi-day through to community gatherings and initiatives. From local markets and volunteering opportunities to festivals and gigs, it is free to submit an event listing on QueenstownNZ.co.nz. Event listings inform DQ’s digital activity, seasonal event guides and submissions to Tourism New Zealand.

DQ Public Image Library
The DQ Public Image Library has recently had a refresh. Content on the public image library is managed by DQ and is available to third parties including travel agents, publications and journalists for the promotion of Queenstown as a visitor destination in non-paid advertising. If you have high quality, rights approved imagery or video you’d like to make available on this hub, please contact daniellaj@queenstownNZ.nz.

How to Leverage DQ’s Marketing Activity

There are multiple ways to leverage and get involved in DQ’s marketing activity:

  1. Ensure your listings on QueenstownNZ.co.nz are up to date. Check open hours and contact details are correct or consider updating imagery and descriptions to suit each season.
  2. Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date, considering opening days and times, as well as any contact details.
  3. Submit upcoming events to be listed on DQ’s Events hub. It is free to do so and you can load anything from community planting days, local ride nights or Farmers markets.
  4. Send DQ any new imagery and video content to ensure we are using your latest assets in our activity. Please email new content to daniellaj@queenstownNZ.nz
  5. Keep DQ up to date with any new products, sustainability initiatives, or changes to your business – we always love to hear from you and it’s a welcome opportunity to meet the team.
  6. Keep an eye out for the regular Queenstown Connect members workshops where we cover a range of topics to support member capability building.

If you require more information or if you have any questions about DQ’s marketing, please email rubys@queenstownNZ.nz


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