DQ Consumer Marketing Update

July saw the start of the new financial year and new activity from the FY23-24 business plan. This is the first year of DQ delivering both destination marketing and destination management initiatives.

Our marketing approach has been evolving in line with the focus on regenerative tourism. We are seeing strong demand for Queenstown and this supports our move to attracting high-contributing visitors, people who engage and connect more deeply with our people and place, stay longer and do more, who care for the environment and give back. 

Part of this change is a new consumer marketing model – an evolution from the traditional dream – plan – book funnel to a new regenerative-led, virtuous circle model that also focuses on in-destination experience and advocacy post visit.

Our activity continues to focus on aspirational storytelling, destination brand building, sharing our values and showcasing stories of people, place and experiences. Our destination management work will focus on member capability building, building connections between communities and the visitor economy, and raising the profile of initiatives like Love Queenstown, which give back to our home.

Spring will see this new approach fully in motion, and activity will continue to showcase our vital activity segments and the range of experiences on offer in our region. Our winter brand activity, which has performed strongly in both the domestic and Australian markets, will be live until the end of September and a new series of ‘Our People, Our Home’ will go live after that.

As we move into spring and onto summer, the consumer marketing team will remain focused on ensuring we build an aspirational brand in NZ and Australia, showcasing the amazing stories of our businesses and communities, and shaping our work to align with the values of the destination management plan. 

Ngā Mihi

Sarah O'Donnell
Marketing and communications director

New Consumer Marketing Model

As of 1 July, a new virtuous circle marketing model replaced DQ’s previous demand focused dream – plan – book funnel.

This new model is based around the visitor journey in a regenerative economy, helping people discover and understand Queenstown’s positioning and vision.

Virtuous Circle Marketing Model

The virtuous circle model focuses on growing awareness of Queenstown’s regenerative tourism vision, encouraging people to visit, participate and buy-in to the vision, to connect with our people and place, and influence them to spread the word, share their journey and help others discover Queenstown’s vision.

Activity in this new framework is focused on attracting high-contributing visitors as well as educating high-intent audiences. Shaping visitor demand is a key focus for consumer marketing activity, ensuring our activity educates audiences and influences the choices visitors make to deliver positive social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes.

As well as member referrals, new success metrics in this model will consider things like eDM sign ups, engagement with regenerative stories and product, visitor mix, connection with community and longer length of stay.

Our People Our Home – Series 2  

The second series of the Our People Our Home campaign will launch at the end of September.

Created with the purpose of celebrating our people, our place and our culture, the first series focused on profiling local businesses and the people behind the operations.

The purpose of this next series is to reconnect our domestic market with the values of our place by celebrating the stories of people who call this place home. Series 2 will focus on profiling the faces of Queenstown, their story and their ‘why’ – their personal why for what they do, what they love about our home and the fabric of our community.

This campaign will take over DQs winter brand activity in the Discover and Educate layers. Keep an eye out for a Special Remarks when this campaign launches.

SUC free Social Campaign 

A social campaign will go live during Spring encouraging visitors to go SUC free (single-use cup free) during their travels. In collaboration with Lake Wānaka Tourism, a series of social-led videos, profiling a range of SUC free cafes and restaurants, will raise profile of the movement amongst visitors and locals alike. Activity is designed to support Queenstown Airport going SUC free this spring, promoting a common message and encouraging positive behaviour change as visitors arrive and travel throughout the district.

If you are an existing SUC free operation, have a mug library or offer Chunky/Again Again, please contact claireb@queenstownnz.nz so you can be included in this activity.

If you would like information or advice on becoming SUC free, please contact lana@sustainablequeenstown.org.nz 

Assets will be made available if you would like to support this in your activity. Keep an eye on Fortnightly Remarks for an update when this activity launches.  

Digital and Social Always-On Activity 

DQ’s always-on digital and social marketing activity means Queenstown has a destination presence in both the domestic and Australian markets year-round, aimed at supporting sustainable demand as opposed to high impact seasonal campaigns.

As of 1 July, activity has evolved to align with the new consumer marketing model and is designed to shape visitor demand by sharing stories of our people, place and experiences, attracting values-aligned visitors. Activity for the upcoming season is centred around existing travel motivations and spring consumer segments including spring ski, biking, hiking, golf, food and drink, and family. 

DQ Public Image Library
The DQ Public Image Library has recently had a refresh. Content on the public image library is managed by DQ and is available to third parties including travel agents, publications and journalists for the promotion of Queenstown as a visitor destination in non-paid advertising. 

If you have high quality, rights approved imagery or video you’d like to submit to be featured on this hub, please contact daniellaj@queenstownNZ.nz

'What’s On’ Event Marketing Campaign
DQ’s digital event marketing activity will continue throughout spring promoting a range of events from multi-day through to local community gatherings and initiatives. 

From local markets and volunteering opportunities to festivals and gigs, it is free to submit an event listing on QueenstownNZ.nz. Event listings inform DQ’s digital activity, seasonal event guides and submissions to Tourism New Zealand.

DQ’s Direct-to-Consumer eDM Platform

DQ’s direct-to-consumer email strategy has evolved to align with the new consumer marketing model and storytelling focus. Designed to reach domestic, Australian and long-haul audiences, content is tailored to align with audience interests and will focus on driving increased engagement via a storytelling approach highlighting our people, place and experiences. 

Growing our first party data and building personalised, direct relationships with potential visitors is at the centre of the eDM strategy across FY23-24. A refreshed eDM subscription campaign will roll out during spring, along with a range of partnerships focused on lead generation with aligned audiences. 

How to Leverage DQ’s Marketing Activity

There are multiple ways to leverage and get involved in DQ’s marketing activity:

  1. Ensure your listings on QueenstownNZ.co.nz are up to date. Check open hours and contact details are correct or consider updating imagery and descriptions to suit each season.
  2. Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date, considering opening days and times, as well as any contact details.
  3. Submit upcoming events to be listed on DQ’s Events hub. It is free to do so and you can load anything from community planting days, local ride nights or Farmers markets.
  4. Send DQ any new imagery and video content to ensure we are using your latest assets in our activity. Please email new content to daniellaj@queenstownNZ.nz
  5. Keep DQ up to date with any new products, sustainability initiatives, or changes to your business – we always love to hear from you and it’s a welcome opportunity to meet the team.
  6. Keep an eye out for the regular Queenstown Connect members workshops where we cover a range of topics to support member capability building.

If you require more information or if you have any questions about DQ’s marketing, please email rubys@queenstownNZ.nz


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